Original Sin: Why the hell should You and I be Responsible?

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Original Sin: Why the hell should You and I be Responsible?


Christian Doctrine: Christians claim that you and I, all humans are sinful. According to them we are all born sinners. How come we are born sinners when we come this universe having done no fault and no sin none whatsoever?

I don't remember I committed sin in the womb of my mother before I came to this world. Do you?

I stayed nine months in my mother's body and did not know what sin is? I did not commit a murder, nor theft, nor adultery, nor spoke to anyone. Hell, why should I be held responsible for something I did not do?

If the stupid Adam and his stupid wife ate from the Tree ( whether of knowledge) according to the Bible or the Tree of procreation ( according to the Qur'an) they are both to be held responsible for disobeying God and not I or you or anybody for that matter. I did not eat from the Tree. Did You?

Why the hell should I, or you, be responsible for the error Adam and Eve have committed.

I came to this world with a clean sheet. But Christians accuse all mankind of committing sin, and they call it the original one.

If we are all called to account for our deeds on doomsday and everyone shall be judged according to his, or her, own deeds then how can we all be already sin?

There is no justice in this. Is there? There is no justice to be considered sinful and yet the baby has not left the womb of his own mother.

Where is justice, and God is just, He is justice, He Right, He is the Truth, in me born, being a child and have already committed a sin that I must wash be becoming Christian? If I don't become Christian then this means I am eternally sinful and merit Hell Fire: Gehenna.

Why should I go to Hell if I did not commit a crime in my life? Who judges me for a sin that I never committed?

Why the hell should not the weak and coward Adam and Eve be judged for their OWN fault? Why should I pay for their fault? They were commanded to obey. They were commanded to respect the word of God.

They were commanded to be rightful and not sinful. They were warned against eating from the Tree. They did commit the sin.

Why the hell should others be held responsible for what they did? They have committed sin some nine millions ago. They committed their sin in Paradise.

But we are born now. We are not in paradise and we are not Adam nor Eve. Why the hell should we be already judged for a sin we did not commit.

We did not eat from the Tree. We were not charged with the command of not eating from the Tree. Yet Christians believe we ARE responsible for a sin we have never committed.

If Christ is sent to wash our sins. He is sent, according to the Christian Doctrine, to save us from the original sin.

He is sent to save us from a sin we did not commit. If the Tree is really the Tree of knowledge then humans should never acquire knowledge.

They should lurk in absolute ignorance, which is no the case. We are endowed by the Creator with the mind and have to confront a universe which we do not know anything about. We are forced to confront the universe and hence to get to know about it.

Where is sin in this? According to Islam, the Tree is procreation by sexual intercourse, where is sin in this if all humans have sexes to satisfy? We are all endowed by the Creator with the means and tools of procreation, man's sperm, every man, the ovule, then wombs are all equipped with the system of pregnancy natural to every Eve.

Then the fetus develops in a very exact and succinct place and conditions preserving his life until the birth of the baby. Where is sin in this?

Why should Christians hold everyone not Christian responsible for Adam's and Eve's sin? Because Christ then I needed to take his position to save humanity from hell fire.

Well, I do not need Christ to wash my sin and certainly not save me from Gehenna.

I am born without sin. I am charged with the message of obedience toward God. I am the one responsible for my actions, for my sins and for all my wrongs and goods.

I am the savior of myself. I don't need Christ or any other medium for saving me. My judge is God, My sheet of deeds is mine. I am born with a clean sheet: a Tabula Rasa. I write on it my own deeds.

It is according to what I DO that I wanted to be judged. It is according to what I do in this life that I want to be held for account, and not for what Adam and Eve have done. They shall have to account for their own deeds and You and I shall do the same. Otherwise, there is no justice but God is just, He is All-Justice.

God is absolute Justice.

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Original Sin: Why the hell should You and I be Responsible?

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This article was published on 2010/09/25